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Shadowy Men Now!

18 Jul


Definitely an influence!

The Best Surf Song

17 Jul

This is my fave surf song of all time.  Not necessarily this version, though it is one of the great ones!


Surf’s Up!!!

16 Jul

This Saturday, July 21 at the Trellis Cafe, Urban Surf Kings.



Spend the day at the beach then come on down to the Trellis for some food, drinks & surf (not necessarily in that order).

Mustard is he!?

14 Jul

Another Longhorn review from Slams Review.

Hard to believe this is Rev. Hank’s first official solo album.For those who don’t know ,he is the guitarists from one of the best surf bands out there:Canada’s Urban Surf Kings.That said “Longhorn” is a pretty damn solid album that’s full of surf and twang.Riding in with 12 tracks (10 originals and 2 kovers) that should please any  fan of surf or instrumental  music.Hell there isn’t a bad song here,it’s all good.Stand outs include:”Twist and Twang”,”Teenage Walk” and “Rex Rides Again”. Do yourself a favor and pick this up.This is mustard!  Recommended