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New Tune available for a short time

18 Jan

Dano Bounce is a new Western Shuffle tune from Rev Hank. ┬áIt’s available for free for a limited time here:


Urban Surf Kings win a Gremmy

18 Jan

From Storm Surge of Reverb Radio (WTUL – New Orleans, USA)

Gremmy Award – Most Innovative Release Method

Urban Surf Kings – Penguin or Robot

The Penguin or Robot 7″ had a rough time coming to light after a number of pressing plant problems. By the time it was ready, so were a few more songs. Now, I think we all love it when you buy a record and get a download code with those songs on it. I think I’ve seen instances where that download had a bonus song or two even. But I can’t think of a time when the other half of the record was download only. 4 Songs on the record, those same four plus four more in the download. Personally, I love it.

– See more at:

Urban Surf Kings in rotation in Europe

18 Jan

Urban Surf Kings’ latest, Penguin or Robot, is getting some serious airplay in Europe. It is in rotaion on Yeah Right (Germany), Trash Can Radio (UK), and NSSR (Holland). Penguin or Robot? has been named one of the best releases of 2014 by Europe/ US’s North Sea Surf Radio.

The title track is featured on the North Sea Surf Best of 2014 compilation. Get it here:!forum/c1qqd

USK off to Italy for Surfer Joe!!!

18 Jan

Urban Surf Kings will be the first ever Canadian Surf Band to perform:

Surfer Joe Summer Festival
Livorno, Italy
June 18-21, 2015 (USK plays Sat, June 20 at 20:15)
Free Surf Kings go to Italy!!!